White Striped
Coffee Stain
Laether Part

Slyvia Khalan

I entertain a select group of clients who enjoy the company of a luscious,

beautiful woman of color.

My talents are numerous.

I enjoy the company of...

* Mature men who seek a sensual, mature woman

* Professional men who want to let go and not be in control for an hour or so...

* Men of various races, class and ethnic backgrounds

In addition...

* I have helped men who want to dress femme and go out dressed in public as a lady

* I go on outings, trips, shopping, etc. with my male clients who seek company

when they go out in public dressed as a lady!!

* As a certified prosthetics fitter, i am able to provide my medical enhancement services

to you in the areas of cranial prosthetics, augmentation/prosthetics & compression garments


photos by Oshi Yuval www.oshistyle.com

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